For some reason, someone out there decided I was worthy of coverage…

Photo by Dylan Lujano (944 Magazine) at the OC Music Awards


Illuminating Today’s Japan for American Audiences

The International Center for Journalists highlights the fellows who participated in the 2012 United States-Japan Foundation reporting tour to Japan (December 2013)

Moscow Union of Journalists: International Activites 

The Moscow Union of Journalists (in Russian) details the month-long Knight Foundation fellowship journalist exchange I participated in 2012, noting the activities of each journalist while in Moscow. 

“Vecherka” opened it’s doors to young journalists from the U.S

Article (in Russian) in Evening Moscow (Vechernyaya Moskva) after I toured their newsroom as part of a month-long Knight Foundation journalist exchange in Russia (November 2012)

Rokkasho Village newsletter (PDF download)

Article (in Japanese) in Rokkasho village newspaper about my visit to the town and interview with locals on Japan’s nuclear energy policy (January 9, 2013)

Steinbrenner Institute Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Environmental Media Fellowships

Carnegie Mellon University’s Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research newsletter article on media fellowship program in which I participated in June 2012. (Fall 2012 issue)

The John Batchelor Show re: The Keystone XL Pipeline

Discussing the Keystone XL pipeline and the emerging controversy surrounding it  (October 14, 2011)

NPR: ‘Child Of Chernobyl’ Reflects On Disaster

Speaking with Michele Norris about my article at The Atlantic –  “Child of Chernobyl, 25 Years Later” 

Jordan Information Bureau to facilitate American journalists’ press visit

Jordanian Embassy release about the “60 Years of Friendship” Press Trip (May 31, 2009)

UCL professor: Terror ‘Palestinians’ moral right’

Jonny Paul (Jerusalem Post, January 2008)

Teens Aid Russian Children

Journal Report (Jewish Journal, July 2004)


Recent Posts

Choices and destiny

photo (9)

Choices are the hinges of destiny.” – Pythagoras

When my mother was visiting this past week, we spent some time wandering by the monuments here in Washington and she posed a question I had never really thought to ask.

She wondered, in several instances, about how I ended up where I am today — in Washington, a journalist, with aspirations to work in foreign affairs. Am I passionate about foreign policy because my parents ensured I spoke Russian at home when I was growing up? Or because they taught me about my family’s history and culture? Did I end up in Washington because of my studies at Boston University and inspiration from some politically-astute professors? Would I still end up here eventually if I didn’t take a journalism job in Washington 4 years ago? What would have happened if I didn’t do all those things?

I’d like to think I would still find my way to where I belong . . .

It’s a tough balance believing in fate and simultaneously strongly believing that every life choice matters. As I struggle to make potentially life-altering decisions about my future right now, I have to think about both. As a self-starter and generally pushy human being, I know that getting what I want means making a path for myself even when there isn’t one already there. But a small part of me still knows that no matter what choices I ultimately make, I will end up where I need to be.

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