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You Can Never Go Home Again (April 2013 – appeared online as “Why Washington and Moscow Still Don’t Trust Each Other”)

FEATURE: Why Japan Can’t Quit Nuclear Power (FREE, National Journal magazine feature, February 2013 – appeared in print as “Stuck”)

Russian Adoption Ban Is Personal for Some U.S. Lawmakers (FREE, January 2013)


Who Will Succeed Jackson as EPA Head? (FREE, December 2012)

Lisa Jackson Stepping Down as EPA Head (FREE, December 2012)

In Japan, Election a Symbol of Perpetual Change, Uncertainty (FREE, December 2012 – reported from Tokyo on an International Center for Journalists Fellowship)

Russia Criticizes U.S. Recognition of Syrian Opposition (FREE, December 2012 – reported from Moscow on a John S. and James L. Knight Foundation  journalism fellowship)

Japan Is Eager to Tap U.S. Natural-Gas Supply (FREE, November 2012 – reported from Tokyo on an International Center for Journalists Fellowship)

20 Months After Nuclear Disaster, Japanese Town Struggles to Rebound (FREE, November 2012 – reported from Fukushima on an International Center for Journalists Fellowship)

Challenges Ahead for Obama in Japan (FREE, November 2012 – reported from Tokyo on an International Center for Journalists Fellowship)

Tariffs Affirmed on Chinese Solar Equipment (November 2012)

Montana, At-Large House District (National Journal Almanac profile – November 2012)

Tone May Shift in Energy, Natural Resources Panels (October 2012)

Utilities, Generators Powerless Against Powerful Hurricane Sandy (FREE, October 2012)

Debate Fact Check: The Third Presidential Debate Between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney (FREE, October 2012)

Democrats’ Bid to Slow Arctic Drilling Could Backfire (October 2012)

Commerce Backs Tariffs on Chinese Solar Imports; Final Action to Come After Election (October 2012)

Solar Perplexus (FREE, National Journal Magazine column about the Commerce Department tariffs on Chinese solar panels and the related political conundrum, October 2012) 

Republican Attack on Coal Regulations Heats Up (September 2012)

Insiders: Oil-Price Volatility Won’t Affect Election (FREE, September 2012)

Another Release From Emergency Oil Reserve Would Carry Political Risks (FREE, September 2012)

Obama Energy Official Renews Call for Clean-Energy Standard (September 2012)

Shell to Forego Arctic Exploratory Drilling Until 2013 (FREE, September 2012)

Interior Report on Drilling Moratorium Produces Sound and Fury in House Hearing (September 2012)

Alaska Delegation Relieved as Arctic Drilling Begins (September 2012)

Shell Inches Closer to Full Drilling in Arctic (September 2012)

What’s New in Obama’s Second-Term Goals? (FREE, September 2012)

Both Sides Agree: Keystone Pipeline Will Be Approved After the November Election (FREE, September 2012)

Convention Daily (Profile of Lanhee Chen): For Romney Aide, a Test in Fusing Politics and Policy (FREE, August 2012)

Salazar: Arctic Drilling Might Wait Until 2013 (FREE, August 2012)

Shell’s Arctic Drilling Plans Still on Hold (August 2012)

Wind-Energy Jobs Have Candidates Spinning About Extending Production Tax Credit (FREE, August 2012)

Obama Pounces on Romney’s Opposition to Wind Tax Credit (FREE, August 2012)

Smart Grid, Poor Economy Keeps Power on During One of the Hottest Summers Ever (FREE, August 2012)

An Ill Wind Blows for Romney in Iowa Over Opposition to Clean-Energy Tax Credit (FREE, August 2012)

Defense, Interior Join Forces on Clean Power (August 2012)

Ex-Drilling Chief Slaps House Panel for Investigating Post-Spill Moratorium (August 2012)

Bingaman Offering Nuclear-Waste Bill (August 2012)

Sierra Club Paints Latinos Green (August 2012)

Grid Regulators Examining Massive Power Outages in India (July 2012)

Livestock Industry Seeks Waiver of Ethanol Mandate to Maintain Corn Supply in Drought (July 2012)

Senate Republicans Offer Blueprint for GOP Majority (July 2012)

Against the Tide  (FREE, National Journal Magazine column about the politics of the Law of the Sea Treaty, July 2012).

Interior Should Consider Later Arctic Drilling If Conditions Are Safe, Murkowski Argues (July 2012)

Insiders: GOP Won’t Stop Pentagon’s Green-Energy Push (FREE, July 2012)

Nuclear Regulators Back on Track (July 2012)

Administration Aides Defend Military Biofuels (FREE, July 2012)

U.S. Nuclear Industry Seen Needing a Boost (July 2012)

House Panel to Meet With NRC Next Week (July 2012)

Insiders: Extreme Weather Won’t Spur Action on Climate Change (FREE, July 2012)

At Energy Debate, Obama, Romney Surrogates Sound Alike (July 2012)

Congress Starts Summer of Symbolism (July 2012)

Final Chapter Written in Yearlong NRC Saga (FREE, June 2012)

GOP Pressure Led to Deal That Remade NRC (FREE, June 2012)

Outgoing NRC Chairman Jaczko Criticized for ‘Bullying’ in Inspector General Report (FREE, June 2012)

Shell’s Alaska Drilling Nears Final Approval (June 2012)

Senate to Vote on NRC Nominees Next Week (June 2012)

Obama’s Weak Bench (FREE, National Journal Magazine column about President Obama’s energy advisers, June 2012)

Insiders: Global Conferences Becoming Obsolete (FREE, June 2012)

Top White House Energy Official: Arctic Drilling Is Coming (June 2012)

Congress Will Be a No-Show at Earth Summit (June 2012)

Insiders: Romney Wins on Clean-Energy Messaging (FREE, June 2012)

Academic in Line For NRC Post Under Scrutiny (FREE, June 2012)

Joint Senate Hearing on NRC Nominees Expected in Second Week of June (May 2012)

Obama’s Choice to Lead Nuclear Agency Delights Senate Democratic Leader (FREE, May 2012)

Speculation Swirls on Succession at NRC (May 2012)

McCain Hits Pentagon Push for Clean Energy (May 2012)

White House Expected to Seek Fresh Face to Head NRC (FREE, May 2012)

Some Saw NRC Chairman’s Exit Coming  (FREE, May 2012)

Nuclear Agency Chairman Stepping Down (FREE, May 2012)

Insiders: Outreach to Oil Industry Won’t Help Obama (FREE, May 2012)

Commerce Slaps Hefty Tariffs on Chinese Solar-Panel Firms (May 2012)

New FBI Probe of Bomb Plot Highlights Administration’s Tough Stance on Leaks (FREE, May 2012)

Report: Obama to Ask G-8 for Support in Tapping Oil Reserves (May 2012)

Senators Target Glut of Chinese Solar Panels (May 2012)

Transmission Project for Offshore Wind Power Clears Hurdle (May 2012)

Eastern Market (FREE, National Journal Magazine column about a potential relationship between the U.S. and Japan over liquefied natural gas exports, May 2012) PDF link here.

Boxer Plans Hearing on NRC Commissioner (May 2012)

White House to Reappoint Republican Kristine Svinicki as NRC Commissioner (May 2012)

TransCanada Reapplies for Keystone Permit (FREE, May 2012)

New Keystone Permit Application ‘Imminent (May 2012)

Arctic Gas Project With Japan Off to Fast Start (FREE, May 2012)

Alaska’s Senators in Tune on Offshore Energy (FRE, April 2012)

Waiting Game Continues on NRC Nomination (April 2012)

Sierra Club Challenges Dominion Over Natural Gas Export Project (April 2012)

Insiders: Keystone Will Go Down Again in the Senate (FREE, April 2012)

Dems Could Help Coal Measure Sneak Through Senate (April 2012)

Air Pollution Endangers 41 Percent of Americans, Lung Association Report Finds (FREE, April 2012)

NRC Chairman Jaczko Goes on Offense (FREE, April 2012)

Reid on the Ropes With NRC Nominee (FREE, April 2012)

Cold Comfort (National Journal Magazine column about the risks associated with drilling the Arctic, April 2012) PDF link here.

GOP Senators: NRC Nominee in Reid’s Hands (April 2012)

GOP Senators Accuse Reid of Blocking NRC Nominee (April 2012)

McConnell Hints at White House Retaliation in Stalling GOP Nominee for Nuclear Agency (April 2012)

Congress Gets a ‘D’ for Oil-Drilling Reform (FREE, April 2012)

Powering Down (National Journal Magazine feature about oil-rich Gulf countries investing in renewable energy, FREE, April 2012)

Power Struggle at Watchdog Agency Could Undermine Nuclear-Plant Safety (FREE, April 2012)

Going Nuclear (FREE, National Journal Magazine Q&A with NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko, April 2012)

Ethanol Pumped Up in Obama’s Strategy (April 2012)

Two More Nuclear Reactors Approved by NRC (FREE, March 2012)

Liability Protection for Renewable Fuels Pushed in Both Chambers (March 2012)

Interior Closer to Green-Lighting Shell’s Arctic Drilling This Summer (FREE, March 2012)

Insiders: Southern Section of Keystone Pipeline Doesn’t Need Obama (FREE, March 2012)

Senate Sets Up Energy Debate—and Key Votes (March 2012)

Rhetoric Rises Ahead of Oil-Subsidies Vote (March 2012)

Group Pushes for FDA to Ban Chemical in Food Packaging (FREE, March 2012)

A Bill Everyone Can Love, But Probably Won’t (March 2012)

Wyden Calls for Policy on All Energy Exports (FREE, March 2012)

New GOP Attack on EPA to Focus on Gas Prices (March 2012)

When Will Obama Issue Greenhouse-Gas Rules? (FREE, March 2012)

Republicans Call out White House for Stalling NRC Re-Nomination (March 2012)

Clock Running Out for Wind-Energy Tax Credit (March 2012)

Tobacco-Control Programs Have Saved Nearly 800,000 Lives Since 1975–Study (FREE, March 2012)

GOP Senators: Keystone Pipeline Not Dead Yet (March 2012)

Senate Rejects Keystone Pipeline … Again (March 2012)

NRC on Hot Seat a Year After Japan Disaster (FREE, March 2012)

NRC Issues First Fukushima Safety Orders (FREE, March 2012)

NRC Chairman Defends Vote Against Reactors (March 2012)

Pawlenty: Romney on ‘Trajectory to Nomination’ (FREE, March 2012)

Insiders: Obama Winning Energy-Messaging War (FREE, March 2012)

Two-Year Highway Bill Keeps on Movin’ (March 2012)

Obama Touts Conservation Efforts (March 2012)

Shell Strikes First in Fight Over Arctic Drilling (FREE, March 2012)

Health Panel: Anxiety, Not Radiation, Biggest Risk From Fukushima (March 2012)

Gas-Price War Escalates on Capitol Hill  (FREE, February 2012)

Insiders: Obama Will Tap Oil Reserve (FREE, February 2012)

House Republicans Use Budget Hearing to Criticize Health Care Law (February 2012)

Parts of Keystone Pipeline Moving Ahead (FREE, February 2012)

Women to Congress: Contraception Conversation Isn’t Over (FREE, February 2012)

Shell Arctic Drilling Spill-Response Plan OK’d (FREE, February 2012)

Nuclear Renaissance? Not So Fast (FREE, February 2012)

White House Pushing Health Care Tax Credit Expansion (February 2012)

Insiders: New Licenses Bode Well for Nuclear Industry (FREE, February 2012)

Obama Plan Sets Tone for Budget Debates (February 2012)

Budget Request Previews Campaign Theme (FREE, February 2012)

Offshore Drilling, Renewable Energy Stressed in Interior Request (FREE, February 2012)

Nuclear Industry Hails Approval of First New U.S. Plant in 34 Years (FREE, February 2012)

U.S. Approves First New Nuclear Reactors in Decades (FREE, February 2012)

Meltdown: Earth Rapidly Losing Ice Cover (FREE, February 2012)

Keystone Bill Headed to House Floor (February 2012)

Export Ban for Keystone Oil Gains Traction (February 2012)

Dingell Begs GOP to Slow Down on Keystone (February 2012)

Senate Dems Get Sneak Peak at Bingaman’s Plan for Clean-Energy Standard (February 2012)

Murkowski: Yucca’s ‘Never Going to Happen’ (February 2012)

Yucca Mountain Still Looms Over Nuclear Waste Problems (February 2012)

Ron Paul Looks To Caucus States  (FREE, January 2012)

Insiders: Energy Legislation Unlikely in 2012 (FREE, January 2012)

Santorum Sees Opening with Gingrich Second Place Finish (FREE, January 2012)

Blue Ribbon Panel Issues Call for Action on Nuclear Waste (January 2012)

Gingrich Campaign Admits ‘Open Marriage’ Statements Wrong (FREE, January 2012)

U.S., Philippines Discussing Ramp-Up of Military Ties (January 2012)

Keystone Bill Faces Legal, Procedural Hurdles (January 2012)

Resurgent Auto Industry Ripe for Obama’s Speech (FREE, January 2012)

Obama Campaign Rubs Salt in Romney Primary Wounds (FREE, January 2012)

GOP Lawmakers Plot Strategies for Controlling Keystone Pipeline (January 2012)

Nebraska GOP Governor Disputes Carney on Keystone (January 2012)

House Republicans Want Clinton to Testify on Keystone Decision (January 2012)

House Republicans Watching and Waiting for Keystone Decision (January 2012)

U.S. to Iran: Closing Strait is Crossing the Line (FREE, January 2012)

Kantor, O’Brien Spar on CNN Over Depiction of Obama Marriage (FREE, January 2012)

Administration Floats Plan for Oceans Policy (FREE, January 2012)

U.S., Taliban: Karzai Last Hurdle to Peace Talks (FREE, January 2012)

Ron Paul: I’m Electable (FREE, January 2012)

Obama to EPA: I’m Still Here for You (January 2012)

Gingrich Defends ‘King of Bain’ Ad (FREE, January 2012)

Interior Bans New Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon (January 2012)

Gingrich Says He’s Going Negative in South Carolina (FREE, January 2012)


Back to His Roots in Energy (FREE, People Profile of Interior Department’s BOEM director Tommy Beaudreau, November 2011)

Energy Insiders: Keystone XL Pipeline Will Be Built  (FREE, November 2011)

Administration’s Rerouting Plan Could Kill Keystone Pipeline (FREE, November 2011)

Obama Threads the Needle with Drilling Plan (FREE, November 2011)

Interior Plan Includes More Gulf, Alaska Leases (FREE, November 2011)

Ring Around the White House Illustrates Obama’s Political Bind on Keystone (FREE, November 2011)

Ex-Climate Czar Wants Obama Administration to Reject Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline (November 2011)

Insiders: Like It or Not, Next President Faces Climate Issue (FREE, November 2011)

President Interrupted (FREE, October 2011)

Insiders: Energy Issues Will Be Significant for GOP Candidates in 2012 (FREE, October 2011)

EPA Chief ‘Respected’ Obama Smog Decision (September 2011)

Insiders: Solyndra ‘Black Eye’ for Renewables, Obama (September 2011)

Federal Investigation Blames BP for Gulf Spill (September 2011)

Energy Insiders Say Obama May Punt More Environmental Standards (September 2011)

Explosion Kills One at French Nuclear Processing Center (September 2011)

How Sept. 11 Changed the Nuclear Industry (September 2011)

If Qaddafi Falls, What Happens to Libyan Oil? (August 2011)

Could We See a ‘Libya Stimulus’? (August 2011)

Insiders: U.S. Will Achieve 2025 MPG Goal (FREE, July 2011)

Obama Touts Economic Gains in Fuel-Efficiency Deal (FREE, July 2011)

Presidential Commission: Interim and Long-Term Storage Needed for Nuclear Waste (FREE, July 2011)

Insiders: Giving States a Cut of Offshore Drilling Revenue Would Help Reform Effort (FREE, July 2011)

Bloomberg Targets Coal with $50 Million Donation to Sierra Club (FREE, July 2011)

DOE and NRC to Model Fukushima Accident (FREE, July 2011)

BP to Implement Voluntary Safety Standards (FREE, July 2011)

NRC Commissioner Defends Slow Safety Review (subscriber, July 2011)

House to Vote on Controversial Oil Pipeline Measure (subscriber, July 2011)

Top Nuclear Regulator Calls for Prompt Post-Fukushima Reforms (subscriber, July 2011)

Virginia Dems Introduce Offshore-Drilling Measure (subscriber, July 2011)

Kerry: Pakistan Is Key to Reinforcing Withdrawal (FREE, June 2011)

NJ Insiders Say All Fuels Should Be Examined for Greenhouse-Gas Footprint (FREE, June 2011)

Insiders Say Ethanol Subsidies Should Go; Split on How Quickly (FREE, June 2011)

OPEC Refuses to Increase Production Output (FREE, June 2011)

Report Says Full Withdrawal Could Trigger Afghan Economic Depression (FREE, June 2011)

Clean-Energy Standard Stalls in Senate (subscriber, June 2011)

Here Comes the Sun (subscriber, June 2011) PDF link here.

Ethanol Compromise Might Be Close (subscriber, June 2011)

Dems: Oil and Gas Tax Breaks Need to Be on Table for Budget Talks (subscriber)

Hastings Unveils Alaska Production Bill (subscriber, June 2011)

EPA Tells State More Study Needed on Oil-Sands Pipeline (subscriber, June 2011)

State Department Nears Final Stages of Oil-Sands Pipeline Assessment (subscriber, June 2011)

Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy: Libya’s Future Shouldn’t Include Qaddafi (April 2011)

Wasserman Schultz Defends Depiction of GOP Budget as ‘Death Trap’ for Seniors (April 2011)

Obama: High Gas Prices Won’t Change Overnight (April 2011)

Libyan Opposition Representative: Help Us (April 2011)

Lieberman and McCain Call for Regime Change in Libya (April 2011)

Even Before Obama’s Speech, Support Weak on Electric Vehicles (March 2011)

Most Energy Insiders Say Japan Crisis Won’t Affect U.S. Nuclear Policy (March 2011)

 More from 2010 and 2011 to come. Tracking down all the articles I wrote! 

Profile: Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D-HI, 1st District)

Profile: Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV, 3rd District)

Profile: Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH, 16th District)

Profile: Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-OH, 18th District)

Profile: Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH, 1st District)


Special Issue: The Hill People

Profiles of more than 300 top Capitol Hill aides, including staffers for House and Senate congressional leaders and committees.



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Choices and destiny

photo (9)

Choices are the hinges of destiny.” – Pythagoras

When my mother was visiting this past week, we spent some time wandering by the monuments here in Washington and she posed a question I had never really thought to ask.

She wondered, in several instances, about how I ended up where I am today — in Washington, a journalist, with aspirations to work in foreign affairs. Am I passionate about foreign policy because my parents ensured I spoke Russian at home when I was growing up? Or because they taught me about my family’s history and culture? Did I end up in Washington because of my studies at Boston University and inspiration from some politically-astute professors? Would I still end up here eventually if I didn’t take a journalism job in Washington 4 years ago? What would have happened if I didn’t do all those things?

I’d like to think I would still find my way to where I belong . . .

It’s a tough balance believing in fate and simultaneously strongly believing that every life choice matters. As I struggle to make potentially life-altering decisions about my future right now, I have to think about both. As a self-starter and generally pushy human being, I know that getting what I want means making a path for myself even when there isn’t one already there. But a small part of me still knows that no matter what choices I ultimately make, I will end up where I need to be.

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