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LA Chamber Orchestra Plays the Fifth (November 2009)

John Magruder’s Monktet (November 2009)

Ramayana: An Indian Epic (November 2009)

LA Philharmonic’s West Coast Left Coast Festival (September 2009)

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A Celebration of Irish Storytelling Through Film (September 2009)

LACMA Film Series Hiatus (September 2009)

Ukrainian Dance Company Comes to Orange County (September 2009)

Fondly Do We Hope… Fervently Do We Pray (September 2009)

Hofesh Shechter Company at UCLA Live (September 2009)

Khaled Hosseini at UCLA Live (September 2009)

Silent Bob Speaks! (September 2009)

R. Crumb at UCLA Live (September 2009)


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Choices and destiny

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Choices are the hinges of destiny.” – Pythagoras

When my mother was visiting this past week, we spent some time wandering by the monuments here in Washington and she posed a question I had never really thought to ask.

She wondered, in several instances, about how I ended up where I am today — in Washington, a journalist, with aspirations to work in foreign affairs. Am I passionate about foreign policy because my parents ensured I spoke Russian at home when I was growing up? Or because they taught me about my family’s history and culture? Did I end up in Washington because of my studies at Boston University and inspiration from some politically-astute professors? Would I still end up here eventually if I didn’t take a journalism job in Washington 4 years ago? What would have happened if I didn’t do all those things?

I’d like to think I would still find my way to where I belong . . .

It’s a tough balance believing in fate and simultaneously strongly believing that every life choice matters. As I struggle to make potentially life-altering decisions about my future right now, I have to think about both. As a self-starter and generally pushy human being, I know that getting what I want means making a path for myself even when there isn’t one already there. But a small part of me still knows that no matter what choices I ultimately make, I will end up where I need to be.

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