The Grande Salon


Haven’t posted anything on here in a while, but hopefully this can be a good restart of that.

A colleague today shared with me a very sentimental, but very true, post on thoughcatalog that goes into the very reasons I love D.C., which I often detail when I visit people in other cities or when I feel like I need to defend it.

It’s worth a read:

Beyond the calls for resignations, and the scandals, and the pundits and the politics and the theatrics, there exists here a thriving society full of young, brilliant people whose core reason for living and breathing and working in this town is to make the world better. Whether it’s the young community manager at a tech startup, to the ex-pat taking notes at their embassy, to the communications director at an environmental non-profit, sit down at a bar with anybody in this city and after one martini or seven, if you listen carefully you will hear the same story: that they came to D.C. because they want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

This guy descibes D.C. as the grande salon of the nation; a forum for ideas and passionate people. It’s why so many of us live here or choose to stay here after the customary 2-year mark.

Now that I’ve passed my two-years here, I truly feel like a real D.C. resident so I have even more of a right to defend it, praise it and post sappy articles about it. But I do hope that those of you who are not residents can still read this and understand why it is that I am still overjoyed by a walk along the monuments and the view over the Potomac.

I came here sort of by chance. Like many, I had grand plans to live in New York after college. But now that I am here, I know I am in the right place.


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